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Investor Vista 2.0 Demo for Windows, English

Chart news from multiple sources at the same time. Easily pick a range of dates to see the headlines during that period. Feed sources are color coded and searchable.

Associate custom feeds with individual stocks you're tracking. Investor Vista automatically configures default feeds the first time you download a symbol, but you can add or remove any feed you like.

Open stories right from Investor Vista into your web browser.

What is Investor Vista?

Investor Vista allows you to instantly understand the effect of stock news on your investments. You can easily visualize and pinpoint important company events to make quicker and more intelligent investment decisions. You will learn where a stock came from, where it’s going and why, all in a crystal clear manner!

How it works:

Investor Vista allows you to chart the news for any stock. When you type in a symbol an click "CHART" Investor Vista automatically downloads the latest news and price feeds for the stock you selected. Then, as if by magic the news is organized into a chronological bar chart allowing you to easily understand the forces acting on a Stock over time. Straight forward controls enable you to quickly navigate to what you are looking for, selecting date ranges to instantly see the news headlines for your selection.

  • WebFeeds (Supports: RSS, Atom, RDF)
    Investor Vista makes it easy to organize, view, search & update feeds for each stock you follow. You may have noticed the recent explosion in the number of news & investment websites with little orange icons indicating webfeeds are available:

    Each time you chart a new symbol Investor Vista automatically configures feeds for that symbol from top financial news websites: Yahoo! Finance, &

    But you don't have to stick to the default feeds! You can configure Investor Vista any way you like by adding and removing feeds for individual symbols. This opens up huge number of possibilities such as feeding search results from web search engines, to feeds directly from website of the company you're tracking, to the financial blogs offering feeds.
  • Find what you need Live news list filtering:
    Pinpoint exactly what you are looking for. Filter large sets of feed data by keyword as-you-type. With live filtering you can quickly spot analyst upgrades/downgrades, SEC filings, earnings reports, all articles from a specific source, company/industry specific keywords or filter by any other keyword imaginable. You can store useful filters to reuse in the future.
  • Exclusive WebFeed charting technology:
    The only system that lets you see exactly when news happened and how it effects your investments. Investor Vista generates an interactive bar chart with the size of each bar representing the number of news items for that day!
  • Easy-to-use Stock charting tools:
    Any-size charting & quick access to vital chart statistics with dynamic mouse hover overlays.
  • Dig deeper with direct access to full news stories. You can easily read news stories in your web-browser by selecting them in the Investor Vista graphical user interface.
  • Free unlimited access to stock data & news feeds.
  • Free unlimited 24 hour technical support.
  • Free unlimited number of upgrades to new versions of Investor Vista.

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